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Please complete our online booking form below.  The information is vital for all RYA courses. You can read our Data Protection section here.

RYA Courses

Please select one of the courses from our drop-down menu. If your course is not listed, select Other.


RYA Membership Number

Please include your RYA Membership number if you already have one. 

Preferred Start Date

Personal Information


Sailing Experience

Sailing experience both practical and RYA theory courses (if any):

Medical Information

Please inform us of any medical conditions that we should know about including but not limited to Diabetes, Food Allergies, Asthma, etc.

Dietary Requirements

Please inform us of any Dietary Requirements, such as being Vegetarian or having any alergies.

Swimming Ability

Are you able to swim 50 meters (If you cannot swim you can still do the sailing course but we ask that you wear a life jacket when on deck.)

Additional Courses by Marbella Sailing School

Add to your course with additional theory-based courses.

Terms & Conditions

I declare to the best of my knowledge that I am physically fit to take part in a practical sailing course, and Marbella Sailing School's Terms and conditions.

Marbella Sailing School is not just about being out on the water. Part of the RYA curriculum includes theory-based courses and vital skill training including First Aid & VHF Courses.

Choose Your Course

View all of our practical courses right here! Take to the sea and discover the joys of yachting while learning from experienced instructors who will make sure you learn & most importantly, have a good time.

For those looking to go from Zero to Hero, look no further than our Fast Track programs! Each one individually designed for your needs, whether it be for Charter or Professional work within the maritime industry.

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