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Yachtmaster Fast Track

Our Zero to Hero fast track program is designed for individuals who are passionate about sailing and want to become fully qualified Yachtmasters. This course can be taken under motor or sail. With our comprehensive training program, we take you from having little or no experience to becoming a skilled and confident sailor. This course is also popular with Superyacht Deckhands and crew from the Commercial Maritime Sector.

from 13950€


Pre-Course Requirements

There are no pre-course requirements for this course as it is designed for beginners looking to get all the way to Yachtmaster in one all-inclusive package.


*All sailing courses require a certain amount of physical activity.  If you are unsure as to your ability to take part in a course please contact us to discuss.

Course Syllabus

The RYA Yachtmaster Fast Track is a carefully planned programme of Courses, Milebuilders, Theory, and Skills training that is designed to get you from beginner to Yachtmaster in 16 intensive weeks.  You will not only learn how to navigate and sail, but you will also learn skills that will be with you for the rest of your life, make new friends and have a life-changing experience.

The Course Syllabus includes:

  • Preparation for sea

  • Passage Planning

  • Pilotage

  • Passage making & ability as skipper

  • Emergency Situations

  • Adverse weather conditions

  • Yacht handling under power

  • Yacht handling under sail

  • Passage making

  • Night cruising


What's Included


  • Accommodation aboard the training yacht throughout the practical elements of the course

  • Use of life jackets

  • Marina fees

  • Fuel for the duration of the course

  • Clean Bed Linen and towels

  • 5 day RYA Competent Crew Course

  • RYA Day Skipper Theory 

  • 5 day RYA Day Skipper Course

  • RYA Yachtmaster Theory

  • RYA Coastal Skipper

  • RYA First Aid

  • RYA SRC VHF Course + Exam

  • RYA Radar Course

  • Yachtmaster Prep Week

  • Mile Building

  • RYA Yachtmaster Handbook

  • RYA logbook

What to Bring

Sailors are exposed to the elements and must always be prepared for 4 seasons. Due to limited storage on board, we always recommend you bring lightweight clothing to suit all possible weather scenarios. Key things to bring include;

  • Sun Protection 

  • Sun Glasses 

  • Boat Friendly Shoes

  • Passport 

  • Shorts & T-shirts 

  • Light Trousers 

  • Bathing Equipment 

  • Lightweight Jumper or Jacket 

  • Personal Care Equipment (Shampoo, Deodorant, prescription Medicines)

  • Anti Sea Sickness Tablets - especially if not an experienced sailor.



For those with some prior experience, it is possible to enter the Fast Track programme at different levels.  For this reason, we have
created a modular system that recognizes your previous experience and allows us to focus the training specifically on areas where you need it most. We offer an inclusive package for all modules for 13,950€

Post Course

Upon completing the Yachtmaster Offshore Exam, sailors often seek to expand their skills and experience with offshore sailing. The RYA Yachtmaster Ocean package offers a comprehensive way to prepare for the right of passage in the sailing world: crossing the Atlantic.


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