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Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

A comprehensive course that specialises in ocean passage making with the aid of Celestial navigation. 

795 euros

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RYA Yachtmaster Ocean


Unravel the mysteries of Celestial navigation, using a sextant, ocean passage making, worldwide meteorology and electronic navigational aids. Take the ultimate test and become a Yachtmaster Ocean with Sail and Power Academy

795 Euros

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Pre Course Requirements

Prior knowledge to coastal skipper theory level is required as this course is aimed at those aspiring to blue water cruising and perhaps preparing for your first ocean passage. Anyone who is already comfortable with navigation from the coastal theory course can learn more about celestial navigation. 

Pre Course Requirements

Course Syllabus

The course takes approximately 40 hours to complete with an assessment made of 2 parts, oral and written exam.

The course consists of test questions that you are expected to answer, receiving feedback from our course instructor, ensuring you have a deep understanding of the topics assessed in your Yachtmaster Ocean exam. 

The Course Syllabus includes:

  • The earth and the celestial sphere. 

  • A practical guide to use and care of Sextant.

  • Meridian Altitudes

  • Sun, star and other sights.

  • Ocean Passage Planning.

  • Learn to use a sextant. 

  • Examination Process.

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Course Syllabus



Marbella Sailing School is not just about being out on the water. Part of the RYA curriculum includes theory-based courses and vital skill training including First Aid & VHF Courses.

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