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STCW Basic Safety Training Course

Marbella, Spain

Our STCW Basic Safety Training Course is the legal requirement for anyone looking to work commercially onboard vessels, Sailing, Superyachts & Cruise ships. Join us at Marbella Sailing School, the premier RYA Training Centre in the south of Spain.

STCW Basic Safety Training course in Malaga, Spain

Our 5-day STCW course covers all 5 separate disciplines including Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Proficiency in Security Awareness & Personal Survival Techniques. 

Our purpose built Training Centre in Malaga has all the facilities needed for the 5 courses that make up the STCW all-inclusive course including our new Fire Facility which is on site

STCW Sea Survival RYA Training

Personal Survival Techniques (A-VI/1-1)

Malaga, Spain

This course is taught over one day and covers both theory and practical. Learn how to launch and enter a life raft. Learn critical survival techniques and the safe and proper use of safety equipment. Our purpose built facility in the Port of Malaga is fully equipped and ready to aid you in your journey to working at sea.

STCW Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention M

Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention (A-VI/1-2)

Malaga, Spain

During your STCW training, you will learn how to identify different types of fires that can occur onboard a vessel. Prevention techniques, fire fighting equipment and different fires are all included in your practical training here at our new Fire Facility in the Port of Malaga.  

STCW Elementary First Aid Marbella Spain
Elementary First Aid

Malaga, Spain

During your STCW training, you will learn essential theory and practical methods to respond to first aid emergencies on board. CPR, bandaging and moving patients are part of the syllabus. When equipment isn't available, this course will be crucial in order to help the wounded. Our facilities in Malaga are industry-leading and designed to give you the best experience in order to prepare you for most scenarios that you might find on board. 

STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsi
Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

Malaga, Spain

A key part of your STCW training is learning the procedures for both accident prevention and safety including signals and alarms. You will learn your rights in the workplace, employment conditions and practices for safe working environments. Pollution prevention and crew relations on board will also be taught at our training centre here in Malaga, Spain

STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness M
Proficiency in Security Awareness (A-VI/6-1)

Malaga, Spain

This course that is part of the STCW syllabus is designed to provide knowledge and understanding for personnel intending to work at sea who does not hold any designated security duties on board. Our training centre offers air-conditioned classrooms in Malaga, Spain. We can't wait to help you on your journey to a successful career at sea.  

What's Included

Marbella Sailing School in conjunction with Malaga Maritime Training, has now developed a brand new state of the art STCW Training Centre in the Port of Malaga  We offer in-depth training from our incredibly experienced instructors. Hot & Cold drinks are provided throughout your training and all course materials are included. The 5 courses that make up your STCW include;

  • Personal Survival Techniques (A-VI/1-1)

  • Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention (A-VI/1-2)

  • Elementary First Aid (A-VI/1-3)

  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (A-VI/1-4)

  • Proficiency in Security Awareness (A-VI/6-1)

Course Dates

Our courses run from Wednesday to Sunday each month in our training facility in Malaga. 

STCW Basic Safety Training

July 27th 2022 (Wednesday to Sunday)

STCW Basic Safety Training

August 17th 2022 (Wednesday to Sunday)

STCW Basic Safety Training

September 14th 2022 (Wednesday to Sunday)

We offer a wide range of RYA Theory-based courses including Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster™️ that are run from our modern classroom in Marbella. Our instructors have real-world experience and teach beyond the curriculum. 

Choose Your RYA Course

We offer RYA Start Yachting courses all the way up to Yachtmaster™️ Coastal, Offshore & Ocean. Whether you want to learn how to Skipper a yacht with our RYA Day Skipper Course or become a valid competent crew member, we have the perfect sailing course for you. 

For those looking to go from Zero to Hero, look no further than our Fast Track programs! Each one individually designed for your needs, whether it be for Charter or Professional work within the maritime industry. If you are looking for a license to charter, check out our Day Skipper Ultimate package.

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