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VHF certificate

VHF Short Range Certificate

Learn how to use a short-range VHF radio & discover the incredible capabilities of communication at sea.


VHF SRC Course

The RYA VHF online course is designed to teach you all you need to know in order to operate a VHF Radio.

 150 Euros

RYA VHF Course

Pre Course Requirements

There are no pre-course requirements for this course.


In order to obtain your VHF license (which is a mandatory requirement if you are taking charge of a yacht), you first need to study this course which takes about 6-10 hours.

Pre Course Requirements

Course Syllabus

The RYA VHF online course is designed to teach you all you need to know in order to operate a VHF Radio.


The Course Syllabus includes:

  • Basic Radio Operation

  • Correct Frequencies (channels) to be used

  • Distress, Emergency, and Medical Assistance Procedures

  • Ship to Shore Calls

  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Using Simulators

  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS)

  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs)

  • Search and Rescue (SART)

RYA VHF Course Sail and Power
Course Syllabus
RYA VHF Course

What's Included

Here are a few things that are included in your RYA VHF online course;

  • RYA VHF Online Course

  • RYA VHF eBook or in Print (10 Euro shipping fee)

  • Online Knowledge Check

  • Downloadable Course Completion Certificate

  • Telephone and email support with our Chief Instructor

What’s Not Included


What´s Included

Post Course

Once you are happy with your knowledge of the material you should take the Online Assessment and download your Completion Certificate.  This will need to be presented to your Examiner when you take your Exam. You will then need to apply for the exam and pay the 70 GBP license fee to the RYA.  Details of how to do this will be sent with your Joining Instructions.

Post Course

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