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Montenegro to Marbella

Join us for this 3-week mile builder crossing the Mediterranean Sea. 

Join us for our epic Mediterranean Sea MIlebuilder from Montenegro to Marbella.

1750 Nautical Miles

Experience Mediterranean sailing at it's finest onboard our luxurious Dufour 460GL. Expecting to take 18 days, you will experience night watches, passage planning, provisioning and all that is associated with a long passage to give you the tools you need for your next charter or sailing trip. 

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18 days at sea

Our 4 cabin Dufour 460GL is the best yacht for this passage and is the most popular size yacht people charter at 46ft. The passage will test all of your sailing knowledge and add to it with a Yachtmaster Instructor on hand to answer all your questions and teach you the inside tips and tricks to making long passages enjoyable for all. 

Yachtmaster Candidates

For Yachtmaster Candidates looking to get the necessary miles to qualify for your exam, look no further. This milebuilder is designed for you. With an expected 1750 Nautical Miles of sailing. You will have your log book up to speed and ready for your exam. 

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Montenegro to Marbella

Join us for this epic 18 day, 1750 Nautical Mile adventure on our Dufour 460GL.



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