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RYA Diesel Engine

1 day course

This RYA course is designed for sailors looking to learn how to maintain and service their engines and basic boat maintenance.

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RYA Diesel Engine Course

This course will appeal to boat owners and crew of Yachts, Tenders and small business vessels such as tour boats. The knowledge gained will enable the candidate to successfully carry out maintenance and fault finding on their vessel.

160 Euros

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Diesel & Petrol Engines

There are no pre-course requirements for this course as it is designed for beginners looking to better their knowledge. Whether you are already a boat owner, looking to circumnavigate the globe or simply improve your knowledge. This course is designed to help you maintain and service your vessel keeping it in good condition and avoiding unecessary repairs and breakdowns.  Ideal for Yachtmaster Offshore candidates.

Pre Course Requirements

Course Syllabus

The course is  combination of theory in the classroom and practical (hands-on) in the workshop.  You will learn;

  • The difference between Petrol and Diesel engine operations

  • Construction of engines

  • The role of air in the combustion process.

  • The fuel system.

  • The cooling system

  • The lubrication system

  • Engine electrical systems.

  • Fault finding.

  • Servicing a diesel engine.( Practical)

Course Syllabus

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