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International Certificate of Competence

Whether your experience is with Sail, Power or Motor an ICC Licence will allow you to legally operate vessels worldwide (see paragraph “using your ICC licence" below). 


The ICC licence is achieved by demonstrating the competencies that are equal to an experienced and knowledgeable sailor. 

Ways to Qualify 

Student onboard catamran

There are two ways to qualify for an ICC licence:

  • Convert a Day Skipper licence into an ICC licence, by applying for it via the RYA:

    • Go to

    • Create an RYA account

    • In the search bar, enter ICC

    • You will be directed to the page to apply/renew ICC

  • Completing an ICC assessment at Sail & Power Academy

Pre - Assessment Requirements

You should already have knowledge of:

  • Basic collision regulations

  • Safety onboard

  • Weather forecasting

  • Basic chart work

  • Pilotage

Students at helm of motorboat with sunset
Students onboard powerboat in the port

What to Expect on the Assessment

To take part in the assessment, it is presumed you are not a novice sailor and you have acquired the skills to reach a competent level, albeit without a licence.  The assessment will take two days to complete.  It is a mix of theory and practical assessment.  Our recommended program is as follows:

  • Essential Seamanship and Navigation.  This online course and exam, confirms you have the theoretical knowledge required to successfully pass the ICC assessment,

  • VHF licence.  You will need a VHF radio license. This is done as an online course and requires about 5 hours of study followed by an exam which must be done here in the classroom,

  • Practical assessment.  This is conducted on one of our vessels, and completed under the watch of one of our RYA instructors who will be working in an assessment capacity only, rather than providing tuition.  The assessment will cover the following drills:

    • Preparation (e.g. pre-engine start checks),

    • Departing from the pontoon,

    • Manoeuvres under power,

    • Man overboard situations,

    • Picking up a mooring buoy,

    • Sailing a triangular course.

Upon Completion

Following completion of the course, you will be presented with a signed assessment certificate, indicating that you have successfully demonstrated the skills required for your discipline.  


This document should be submitted by the candidate to the RYA, who will process your ICC licence and issue you the licence by post.

Student at the helm of the motorboat
Student on the throttle of the powerboat

Using your ICC Licence

The ICC should be automatically accepted in countries which have adopted Resolution No. 40, however any country on the list can change its decision so it is suggested that you visit here to check eligibility before booking.

Summary Course Details

The practical assessment is carried out over 2 days (1 day orientation of the boat/refresher and the 2nd day is the assessment). 


We meet in the office at 9:30am where introductions and expectations for the assessment will be agreed.

Student at the helm of the motorboat at night

Two Day Assessment Price

Two students at the helm of the catamaran
  • POWER UP TO 10M LOA = €515


  • SAIL = €695

Should you feel additional time is needed for orientation, we would be happy to look at accommodating this with you.

Please note, the above price excludes VHF and Essential Seamanship & Navigation.  However, should you need the theory and VHF, they can be purchased from Sail and Power at the following cost:

  • Essential Seamanship & Navigation is approximately 3 hours online @ €150 (this includes a student pack of charts etc.)

  • VHF is approximately 5 hours online with an exam in the classroom @ €95.


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