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Gran Canaria to Mallorca

Celestial Navigation will be used during this ocean qualifying passage. Book today.

Join us for our epic Ocean Qualifying MIlebuilder

Gran Canaria to Madeira

LEG 1 - 300-500 Nautical Miles

Departing Las Palmas on the 7th of March, Jose and his crew of brave sailors will make a passage to Madeira. The passage will be a great introduction to offshore sailing and give valuable experience. 

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Leg 1

Madeira to Gibraltar

LEG 2 - 600-800 Nautical Miles

Departing Funchal on the 14th of March, Jose and his crew will make a passage to Gibraltar using only Celestial Navigation, the oldest and most technical form of navigation. This leg qualifies as an ocean passage for those looking to complete their Yachtmaster Ocean.

Leg 2

Gibraltar to Mallorca

LEG 3 - 500-700 Nautical Miles

The final leg of the trip will see the crew enter the Meditteranean sea and sailing the south coast of Spain before crossing to the Balearic islands. 

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Leg 3
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Leg 1

07/03/2021 - 14/03/2021
300-500 Nautical Miles

Join us on the shortest leg of the trip starting in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to Funchal, Madeira. Experience offshore sailing with a Yachtmaster Instructor.



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Leg 2

14/03/2021 - 21/03/2021
600-800 Nautical Miles

Madeira to Gibraltar. An Ocean Qualifying passage for those looking to meet the requirements of Yachtmaster Ocean. Try your hand at Celestial Navigation.



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Leg 3

21/03/2021 - 28/03/2021
500-700 Nautical Miles

Gibraltar to Mallorca. Discover sailing in the Mediterranean sea. Sail along the south coast of Spain and the Balearic Islands to reach our destination of Palma. 



All 3 Legs

Book the entire 3 legs and complete your Yachtmaster Ocean Theory with us the week before you leave. 



Ways to book

Ways to Book

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