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Gibraltar to Madeira

Celestial Navigation will be used during this ocean qualifying passage, follow along right here! 

Marbella Sailing School meets the Vendee Globe 2020

Gibraltar to Madeira 

LEG 1 - Gibraltar to Madeira

Departing Gibraltar this Sunday 8th November, Jose and his crew of brave sailors will make a passage to Madeira using only Celestial Navigation, the oldest and most technical form of navigation. The famous Vendee Globe is also departing on this day giving everyone the opportunity to be part of an extra special experience that comes once in a lifetime. 

Check-in with us on a daily basis for the latest updates from the crew via state of the art satellite phone communication.  

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The Passage - 614 NM

If you were to fly in a straight line, this passage would cover 614 nautical miles. Using only the wind, the crew will need to navigate weather dependant, using their expert knowledge. It is far more likely the passage will take anywhere between 7-800 Nautical Miles to reach their destination. 

Weather Updates

November 8th 0900 GMT

The crew are set to leave for this epic passage today and we couldn't be more excited you are joining us for all the live updates! Their current GPS location as of 9am this morning is N36°9'5", W5°21'55"

Day one .jpg

Live Tracking

Day 1
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November 8th 1854 GMT

With a great day of calm seas and light winds, the crew were able to settle into boat life and prepare a fantastic meal! Now the night watches will begin, each taking their turn to keep watch over the yacht and crew,. If you haven't already, please check the gallery of images below from today's adventure through the strait of Gibraltar and into the Atlantic Ocean.

November 9th 1037 GMT

After a night of very light winds, the crew are making their way further south. Morale is good with great meals and everyone getting a good nights sleep! The adventure continues! 

Day 9.jpg
Day 2
Weather Day 3.jpg

November 10th 1100 GMT

With the sun coming up from the East, the crew enjoyed another night of calm weather. Sailing since 5 am with the engines firmly off.  The morale is exceptional for all onboard. Course over Ground (COG): 250°, Speed over Ground (SOG): 4.5 knots.

Day 3

November 10th 2148 GMT

Sailing for the duration of the day, the crew experienced the same light winds averaging 4 knots! Energy management is crucial to keep critical equipment running, including the autopilot, VHF radio, Radar etc. Typically the crew will run the engine in idle for 2 hours every 6 hours to recharge the batteries. 

COG: 220°
SOG: 6 Knots 

Day x.jpg
DY XX.jpg

November 11th 1209 GMT

The crew are experiencing a lull in the wind and are having to motor. Their expected ETA is Saturday. A low-pressure system awaits them, making weather conditions more challenging in the coming days. 

COG: 240°
SOG: 6 Knots

Day 4

November 11th 2040 GMT

Light winds made for nice sailing, although not very fast. The crew are now sleeping much better after adjusting to life on board. It typically takes anywhere between 3-4 days to adjust your sleeping routine. 

COG: 270°
SOG: 6 Knots 

Day 4.jpg
Day 5.jpg

November 12th 2039 GMT

The sea state has been very calm meaning the crew have had to motor for the duration of the day. Lots of board games and music to keep morale! 

COG: 250°
SOG: 6.5 Knots 

Day 5

Photos so far

More info will be added live when we receive it! stay tuned and wish the crew fair winds and following seas ⛵️

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