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Agapi Boat Club

Unlimited boating all year round.Premium boats. Maintenance is on us. All included.

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Agapi Boat Club


Agapi Boat Club is all about offering you the possibility to experience only the best parts of boating. We do this by removing all the hassle and adding extra features and services for more freedom and fun at sea.

Yearly Packages Available

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Why membership boating?

Boating should be easy, fun and fill you with joy. Agapi Boat Club changes everything for those who used to see boating as something too demanding or expensive. A boat club membership is simply the natural choice for modern boaters.

Free yourself from maintenance, winter storage, servicing, insurance, cleaning, fuelling, paying for a mooring, and financial risks. Choose a boating life that frees you from the worst of ownership and instead gives you the best of being at sea. You focus on the fun – leave the hassle to us.

Start from your home harbour or from any of our other centres. Enjoy as many boating days as you want. A Club membership delivers year-round boating season. The decision to give up boat ownership can be difficult, but once you take the leap, your boating life becomes so much easier.

Pre Course Requirements

How often can I use the boat?

Agapi Boat Club offers you unlimited boating days and we take pride in giving members the opportunity to get onboard all year round. We all have different priorities, but we want you to have the same access to boating you would have if you owned a boat yourself – the flexibility to hit the water any time, any day. All year round or strictly summer, whatever works for you. And if a busy life leaves you limited opportunities, we have special memberships with reduced fees.

Once you become a member, you can enjoy unlimited boating. Our “spontaneous bookings” can be made within 48 hours of departure and you can book the boat in slots of 1-24 hours. Spontaneous bookings are unlimited and included in all memberships.

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What To Bring
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What does it cost

We’d rather talk about the perceived improved value Agapi Boat Club offers to our members. Our commitment is to offer you a better boating life compared to traditional ways of owning a boat. Based on our experience, a boating membership is approximately 70% less costly than boat ownership.

Our price calculator will help you find your ideal membership based on your boating needs and budget. The price you get from the calculator is based on the choices you made, for a final quotation please get in touch with Agapi. All memberships run on a yearly basis but you can choose to pay per month.

Course Syllabus

Will I have the boat when I want to?

Ensuring that boats are available to members is our main priority. Our advanced booking system, including waiting list functionality, fair distribution among our members and a smart distribution of our fleet. In addition to this, we monitor our data regularly and actively apply a member-to-boat ratio to optimize availability.

Included in all memberships is one planned booking which gives you the chance to book well in advance to secure access on a specific date or boat model. Once you complete a planned booking, it resets in the system so you can use it again to secure your next outing! If you want to make multi-day bookings, you can buy as many additional planned bookings as you want.

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What´s Included
Post Course
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RYA Powerboat Training

Agapi Academy is the educational unit within Agapi, with the aim to make boating safer and more fun. The first contact that all our members have with Agapi Academy is during the “Onboarding” training when they become a member. The onboarding is an introduction course to Agapi's world, our routines and a way to ensure sufficient knowledge and ability to drive our boats in a safe and careful way.

See Our Full Range Of Courses

Click on the course type to find out what courses are available

Marbella Sailing School is not just about being out on the water. Part of the RYA curriculum includes theory-based courses and vital skill training including First Aid & VHF Courses.

View all of our practical courses right here. Take to the sea and discover the joys of yachting while learning from experienced instructors who will make sure you learn & most importantly, have a good time.

For those looking to go from Zero to Hero, look no further than our Fast Track programs. Each one individually designed for your needs, whether it be for Charter or Professional work within the maritime industry.

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